On Magical Auras

We didn’t have much of a meeting this morning, as they wrapped up interviews for our two new positions. I went to the high school and just did work until lunch. I thought Allen and I would be going to Smackin’ Wings and Things, but some jackwagon convinced everyone to go to CJ’s instead. I begrudgingly ordered a $12 hamburger and ate both halves because the leftover half would have been terrible.

After lunch, Gary and I went to the arena to take a look at the Crestron controller, but it had miraculously started working after I spoke to our vendor about it at lunch time. He said his wife calls it his magic aura that makes things work as he approaches. I call it not having to waste any more time fixing other peoples’ hardware.

I wrapped up the day chatting with Clint a bit about a cable run he wants to do at his workplace, and then went to run a tiny line just within a single closet for an engineering class. When I got home, I started watching video tutorials on drywall, and found an excellent compilation video clocking in at just over two hours. I made it about halfway through before Summer got here from work.

She was feeling particularly sick, so I made us both some ramen for dinner. Then she crawled into bed and I waited to get the girls from an all-region band event later in the evening. They came home and watched some TV, and then we all crashed a bit early for the weekend.

I shouldn’t need a cross reference book to find a battery.

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