Your Lift Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher

I slept so well last night, and though I woke refreshed, I would’ve loved to stay in bed a while. I made it in to work in plenty of time and started picking at my stack of laptops. Things feel just slightly more organized now, and though I still have many in various states of disrepair, I feel a little less stressed over them.

Allen suggested Taco Villa for lunch, and by the time I got back to the shop, Zach and Gary had agreed to ride along. I thought I was going to do the right thing and only eat half of my nachos, but I guess the half I was looking for was on the bottom. When we got back to the shop, I hung out there for just a little while and tried to help with a stuck headphone plug before heading back to the high school.

I had to borrow the lift to get up to the choir projector and replace the lamp. Most of the lamps I’ve replaced out there have been pretty straightforward, but this BenQ was evidently made form over function. Once I found the hidden screw to release the cover, I still had to pry the lid off, and then the lamp didn’t have any rails or anything to slide it into position. I just had to hold it up and get the screws locked down.

On the way back to my office, I got a work order that some kind of cable had come down into the road at vo-tech. I went out to investigate, and it ended up being one of the new fiber lines we’ve just had run out to all the campuses. Someone had run over it and crushed a good portion of it, and I couldn’t tell where it was actually supposed to go, but they’re definitely going to have to run a new line now. Fortunately I don’t think it was actually in use yet, so it won’t cause any outages.

When I got home, I received the bag-in-box Coca-Cola syrup spigot I ordered, and tried making a Coke in my SodaStream. Light flavoring and heavy carbonation tasted pretty good, but I wish the syrup wasn’t so expensive. When I last did the math, it wasn’t significantly less than the cost of a 2-liter per volume.

Next up was moving car insurance around, just in time to run and get the girls from karate. I took them home and snacked a bit until Summer got home, at which point all the girls got ready for bed. I convinced Summer to let Eaddie stay up for one episode of Glee in bed with us, and then it was lights out.

I hate cats.

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