Bridge Buster 5000

I spent most of my morning working in the engineering classroom trying to get their SSA1000 working over a serial connection. I ended up giving him my serial-to-USB cable, which got the machine talking to the computer, though the program still wouldn’t save data properly. It worked well enough that the kids could make do, though.

Allen wanted KFC, so I picked him up at the shop. It worked out well, since I didn’t have dinner at home. I kept busy in the afternoon, and spent a little time in the library with 1:1 stuff. Then I started on some laundry when I got home. I tried vacuuming some of the sand blasting media in my shrimp tank, and it worked reasonably well considering how many plants were in the way. I did find at least one tiny baby shrimp in the bucket afterward though, so I’ll have to leave it and try to get it back in the tank later when I can reliably see it.

Cast Away had been on my mind for a little while today, so I put it on for just a little bit before heading to bed early.

Coo coo for coconuts!

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