What an Ice Day to Be at Work

The surrounding districts, and even Tech closed today, but not us. We were going to tough it out. I didn’t really expect to be let out, but hearing everyone else fuss about it convinced me that I wanted to stay home too. Just as I pulled out of the driveway it started to sleet, but it all melted as soon as it hit my windshield. It wasn’t until I got to the parking lot that my wipers kicked on and smeared the water across my windshield, instantly turning it to a sheet of ice. I wandered into the high school and worked on some laptops.

Jason called out for lunch this time, but by the time I got back to the shop it sounded like he wasn’t a part of the conversation. Allen, Gary, and Ben were up for it though, and the four of us went to Mulan’s for some hot soup and the like. When we got back to the shop, I milled around for a while and had Gary and Ben walk me through some of the automation processes to get a better understanding of how student data is managed between all of the different systems.

Later in the afternoon in the library, Karen made a comment about an inconsistency in the Technology job title in our recent board meeting notes, and we kind of laughed about how nobody even knows what our title is supposed to be, much less what we actually do. Then I tried explaining what I had learned just an hour before about our different synchronization scripts to her and Amber to further emphasize that we don’t “just work on computers.” It’s an incredible amount of planning and learning how other people’s products work so that we can seamlessly integrate them with our own stuff. I’ve had people argue that they have to know a lot, or have an education to do their jobs out there. Maybe it’s an inflated sense of pride for some of the people in my department, but what about those of us that basically have to learn how to do all of their jobs on the fly in order to fix what isn’t working? I’ve never been a part of any department that had to know so much about so many things spanning across the rest of the entire organization, yet people get pissy about only getting a 2-minute primer on how to use their desk phone. Guess what! If you can’t remember the two minutes worth of tips that would have fixed your issue, you get the whole manual!

When I left work, it was still drizzling out, but not quite icy. I went straight home and dove into another couple hours worth of documentation of troubleshooting that I’ve done to my Nanoleaf Aurora light panels. I really didn’t appreciate the copy/paste from the FAQ that I got from support, so hopefully my lengthy response will garner some positive attention.

As I wrapped up for the night, I remembered it being a Hog Wild Wednesday for 10 cents off fuel at the Shell, so I ran across town to top off. In retrospect, I should have stayed out of that miserable weather for the 60 cents I saved. But then again, I am an idiot.

No. No, it’s not something we just run every night like magic. We built that shit from the ground-up.

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