Cool Winter Drizzle

I really didn’t want to wake up today, but the bells, they were a’ringing. Zach stopped by my office pretty early in the day, and spent quite a while at the high school. Ben showed up just moments later, so I made them some popcorn while I worked on laptops. Ben left, and Gary came to us so the three of us could go to lunch together. We met our new guy, Greg, at Morelos and he and Zach spent most of the time going on about duck hunting.

The afternoon went by pretty slowly as I milled around working on different things. I felt like I’d lost a little bit of direction, and just wanted to go home when I started to get really sleepy. When I did finally get home, I noticed I’d lost at least two or three adult shrimp over the past few days, so I bumped up my thermostat a few degrees assuming it as the cold. The tiny heater in that tank doesn’t seem to work, so I may have to get a new one.

Eventually I left the house to run some things by my parents’ house. They were out shopping, but I had to get the girls from karate anyway. We headed up to their house for some leftover chili before bed.

$4700 in lighting?!?

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