It rained all day today. Work seemed pretty slow and quiet, but I took care of what I could. I have a constant feeling of being behind, but there’s also nothing of any urgency. I called Zach, then joined him and Gary at Smackin’ Wings and Things for lunch. It took them a full 50 minutes to get our food out to us. It was a pretty good green chili burrito, but no way worth the $12.52 including tip that I paid for it. In that amount of time, I’m pretty sure I could have prepared one from scratch at my own home.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly, and just as quietly as the morning. I went home for a while after work and waited for the girls to finish at karate. Then I took them home and ate some leftovers at their house as we waited for Summer to get home from her work meeting.

When she got home, she made me take a “short” enneagram test to compare me to what she had been “learning” in Little Rock. I proved her wrong by being as brutally honest as I could for fourteen pages of vague, Facebook quiz-style questions as I could. Ain’t nobody gonna sum up my personality in an online test.


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