I was pretty scattered today, like the rest of the week. It rained pretty heavily most of the day, and somehow I kept finding myself out in it. At least my waterproof shoes worked perfectly. I wasn’t very hungry by the time lunch snuck up on me, but Allen texted me last-minute to go to KFC. I just had a famous bowl, which still filled me up plenty, and I only paid about half of what he paid for his buffet.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly too, as I continued to pick at more things around the office. I went home and played a littleĀ Overwatch by myself in the cold until Summer got home. Then I went by Casey’s for their free rewards item. There was a little cat pacing and meowing around the front door, so I stopped to boop it a little on the way out. Then I got a snack from Taco Bell, gas from Shell, and headed up to Summer’s for the evening. Everyone there was pretty much off to bed, so I got on and played some more Overwatch with Clint, Johnny, and Jack until bed.

C-can you hear that music?

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