Just a Little Trim

I woke up to my alarm this morning and rolled over, fully knowing that I was about to fall back asleep. I woke up again right around the time I normally get up if I’m at home, so I was in a rush the rest of the morning. Work was pretty quiet again, and parent-teacher conferences had class out an hour early, though we didn’t get to participate in that. I just kept busy until lunch.

Allen agreed to Steak ‘n Shake since neither of us had been there in a really long time. I had seriously¬†never had even decent service at this restaurant, and they’ve always been extremely slow in every single aspect, so I new it was a risk. The service wasn’t any friendlier today, but our food was hot, fresh, relatively cheap, and came out in record time. Overall we were very happy with our decision.

After lunch, I spent a while messing with the sound system in the crimson room again. I didn’t have the cable I needed to test, but after remembering I had an XLR-accepting amplifier in my office, I tested the equipment and traced the problem back to their amplifier. Fortunately it was just loose or completely disconnected cables from the back where someone had shuffled things around haphazardly.

When I got home, I had several deliveries to bring inside. I didn’t get to play much though, because I had to trim some plants for trading with the local girl I found on Reddit. In the end it turned out for naught, and she put off the trade until Wednesday, but at least I’m prepared now. I spent a little while setting up a Chromecast Audio in the bedroom with my new optical cable, then jammed while I cleaned up a little before bed.

Put it outta yo mind!

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