Today was full of little surprises. I arrived at work to an open front-row parking space in the light rain. Then one of my first work orders took me to Neal’s room across the building, and he started a conversation with me about motorcycles that lasted through most of the advisory period. I gave him my number, hoping to make a new riding buddy out of it. When I stopped by the library, Karen gave me the pieces of laptop that our superintendent had jogged by a week or so ago, and said he had the police go back out to find it after he learned we were paying for accidental damage coverage. When lunch time eventually rolled around, Allen talked Gary into joining us at KFC, and he said he actually really liked what he ordered.

I spent the afternoon working lightly on a few different things I’d had sitting around. I dug around a bit in group policy, poked at the 1:1 laptops, and made a couple deployments. At one point, I spent a little time on the phone with Ronda and Jessica, and then later with Lenovo to ask about their depot procedures. It all went by pretty quickly, and then I headed home in the cold.

Summer said Autumn had a midwinter concert, and I wanted to try and attend this time, so I decompressed inĀ Overwatch for a bit until it was time to get ready. I dressed up a bit and met her at the Center, along with her parents. There was a symphonic band for each grade, and then one band of mixed misfits, so we had to wait until Autumn played last. Some of the songs sounded like they gave everyone the same music to play, but I felt like they had performed better in the past. I just kept flashing back to Ratzlaff spraying everyone in the first three rows, yelling at them to be better. I don’t know what it’s like now, but it feels like it’s lost some heart.

When I got home, I put together my new carpet cleaner and internalized the entire user’s manual while pingponging a chat with Summer. I hoped to end the night with a little moreĀ Overwatch before bed, but I ran out of time.

Through all of the shadowy corners of me.

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