Plant Fitness

It was another pretty quiet day, though I did get out of my office quite a bit. First thing this morning, I had a trip across campus to the arts center. I spent most of the day messing with 1:1 laptops, and got two re-shipped back for service since they weren’t repaired last time. I thought for a moment that nobody wanted to go to lunch, so I was just going to work straight through, but Allen texted at the last second. He suggested Taco Villa, but then said everybody was going to Popeye’s. I met them there, and saved seats for the seven of us. I ordered online while I sat there, and they never called my name or number, so I ended up getting my food after everyone else. A little later, the lady came around with some free apple pies for those of us that had to wait for spicy chicken. At least the customer service was better.

After work, I had to get Eaddie from Superfast, then Autumn from her afterschool activity at the junior high, and drop them off at karate. I finally met the girl at the theater to trade aquarium plants, and we talked for just a little bit before she had to get to work. Evidently she had ordered some pizzas, because Neal walked in and made the deliver while we were talking. Then she got to work and he and I chatted for a little bit.

When I got back home, I dumped the plants into the sink and then met Summer at La Huerta for dinner. The girls went out with their father, so we had a little time to kill and I was pretty hungry. Then I went back home for the evening and settled in for someĀ Overwatch until bed.

So much green!

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