One Lumens, Coming Up!

We didn’t have any projects again today, so I was left to my own 1:1 devices (heh, heh). I did start off by coming up with a solution for imaging devices without network ports, so that was exciting first thing this morning. Afterward, the only work order I had was to deliver a document camera, and then I killed the rest of the morning at the high school just picking at things I’ve been working on all week/month/year.

Five of us went to Ruby Tuesday for salads, though Greg ordered a comically small pasta instead. I was quite happy with my greens, and even Gary had the salad today.

After lunch was more of the same until quitting time. Then I went home and dispersed some of the new plants I got. I planted a couple, and split floaters between a couple of different tanks. I really hope the red root floater does well, but I’m worried some of those things had been left out of the water for too long. At least she seems willing to fill in the gaps if they don’t all make it.

The girls are spending the weekend with their father, so I went to Summer’s to make burritos for dinner, and then we watched Glee until bed.

I spend a large portion of every day vibrating with a palpable sense of wild, irrational rage.

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