It Must Be My Birthday

It was so nice out today with just a tiny chance of rain, but I didn’t get out of the house early enough to ride the bike in to work. The morning went by pretty quickly as I picked at things in my office. Then I had to go by the shop for a projector lamp.

Allen said he was going to Firehouse with Gary, Zach, and Jason, so I was volunteered to drive again. They had a pastrami Reuben that was absolutely killer. Then Jason dropped the bomb on us that tomorrow would be his last day. Evidently there was an opening at Atkins, and he said the superintendents agreed to let him go without having to work out his two weeks, and we were the first to find out. In all the excitement, I didn’t get a chance to make jokes about Brice coming to fill the position.

After lunch, I spent a little while riding the lift around between band rooms to change lamps and clean projectors. Then it was back up to my office for just a little bit until I was called out to identify some liquid damage to a screen, and then again down to the arena to scan the CCTV channel into a couple TVs.

The whole day really just flew by, probably in part due to how nice it was outside. I really didn’t get to spend any time in it. I went home, started some laundry and picked out some aquarium plants to take to work, then made my way up to Summer’s for the evening. I squeezed in a littleĀ Overwatch between tasks, but otherwise felt like I was just barely hanging on.

What wonderful news! I can’t wait to see how we screw it up this time!

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