That’s a Lot of Poop

Today was quite a bit cooler with heavy cloud cover. I took the Grom to work and quickly felt the chill. My morning was mostly spent talking to people that didn’t have a clue, and wanted me to figure everything out for them. I felt completely surrounded by all manner of different test sessions, and I spent over an hour just trying to understand what they all were.

I made it back to the shop just in time for lunch and convinced Allen to try IHOP with me. I had a coupon for a birthday stack of pancakes, so I tried the churro style. Both the food and service were excellent today, and I loved the renovation and design update the place had received. To top it all off, we even made it back to work with time to spare.

Holy ShitAfter lunch, I had to go back up on the lift to replace the band projector lamp again. It didn’t even last a whole day, so I stuck the pristine old one back in with the hopes that it had only failed as a fluke, along with a defective brand new bulb. I spent a little while longer running around campus until it was time to go home.

Summer was going to work late, so I poked at the shrimp a bit before starting some laundry. Then I played some Overwatch until it was done, and headed up to Summer’s for the evening.

I’ve overeaten a lot in my lifetime, but never by enough to have a me-sized turd.

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