Prime Age

It was cool enough this morning that I didn’t want to ride in to work again, but it didn’t take long for the sun to come out and make me regret it. I spent pretty much all day messing with 1:1 laptops, so I found myself tired, bored, and generally wanting to hang myself.

Allen was still craving KFC, but I convinced him and a bunch of others to ride with me to Brown’s Catfish for my birthday meal. I don’t know why everyone’s too bashful to actually accumulate rewards points, but I only got four bucks worth myself after my discount.

After lunch was more of the same, and I just wanted to leave more than anything else. Eventually I did, and instead of taking advantage of the day, I just went home and played someĀ Overwatch until Summer got home. Then I stopped by Arby’s to use another birthday coupon to get her some food on the way up. I ran into Scott and Jodi there, and I hadn’t seen them in forever. I felt a little awkward just because my brain was tired. I had already started to wind down from interacting with people for the day, so I had a hard time forming small talk.

When I got to Summer’s, everyone had already wound down for the day. Summer had a rough one, so she was pretty much done for the evening. We watched what was left of her baking show, and then everyone went to bed.

Hopefully only halfway through the primes.

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