Mount and Balance

It was kind of an odd day at work today knowing Jason was gone forever. We all kind of got straight to work unlike the usual slow start to the morning. I went with Ben and Allen to mount a couple touch panels in the morning. The first one was to be mounted on a freestanding mount in the junior high library. That one took us the longest because it was a new stand that didn’t have fine adjustments to account for leveling. We ended up shifting it around and mounting it slightly differently than designed.

Next was a quick install at Crawford and the subsequent dragging of an E65 out of that building before breaking for lunch. The new guys wanted to go to Linh, which I’d heard them suggest at least three or four times since they started. When we finished, Allen and I ran by the high school to deliver a hotspot, and then took the old freestanding TV mount to Cunningham for scrap. We only got seven bucks out of it, and I’m sure it cost in the hundreds. I would have liked to keep it, but it was pretty unwieldy.

Our last task for the day was to deliver and assemble a laptop cart to London. We finished with some time to spare, which I spent at the shop cleaning out my cabinet a bit.

I spent most of my evening playing Overwatch and feeling like I was getting progressively sicker. Hopefully I don’t wake up with a head cold, but I can feel the sinuses getting pretty gross already.


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