If the Wild Bird Could Speak

Sleeping in this morning was pretty typical for how it’s been the past couple weeks. I woke up for a while in the morning and couldn’t sleep, then eventually fell back asleep until close to noon. I got up to make breakfast for the kids that were still asleep and chopped up some bacon for eggs, Rotel, and rice. About the time I finished cracking thirteen eggs into the pan, Autumn came around the corner with a comically large pizza that you only see in cartoons. Their father was supposed to bring that for dinner so Summer and I could have our steak dinner together, but evidently plans changed.

I ate my share of the rice and eggs by myself and played some Overwatch until Noah was ready to go by Western Sizzlin’ to pick up his paycheck. We stopped to see Summer on the way out, then went by my house so I could take care of the usual things. Then it was back up to Summer’s to sit in on the kids until she got home.

Eaddie spent all day cleaning her room while Autumn and Noah sat in front of the TV. Eaddie got out a tiny bow and arrows, and I lost one over the fence. I wandered around through the foliage and down the road to look for it, but couldn’t find it for all the brush. I headed back empty-handed and eventually got to prepping potatoes for baking. Summer and I were going to have our steaks.

When she got home, I started the steaks and asparagus on the grill, and we had a quiet dinner. Eaddie came and sat with us and had some as well, and Autumn and Noah picked at leftovers. Summer went to bed pretty soon after dinner, so I hung out with Eaddie for the rest of the evening. She had pretty much finished cleaning and rearranging her bedroom, but I helped get power to where she needed it. She had a CD player that wouldn’t work, so I took it apart twice to find both places it was assembled incorrectly, and got it to work.

And she knows all the ways of the wind.

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