Mandatory Fun

Summer got up this morning and made pancakes for breakfast. Then we snuggled up for some Master of None for a little while before Autumn came in and pitched an absolute fit about wanting to go visit her grandparents. I simply couldn’t empathize with her, because I’ve never been that way with anyone. Especially not at her age, and doubly so for being in the middle of a public health emergency. I get being cooped up for two weeks has been different, but it’s been far from difficult. We’ve had everything we could possibly need, and she’s always the one to sit around and do nothing anyway. Even when we did try to get out and actually do something outside of the house, she resisted when everyone else showed nothing but excitement. Realistically, the only thing she’s really missed out on is a bunch of Wendy’s and a “proper” public school education. After a bit of screaming and crying, Summer went and talked to her one-on-one, and then had me join them to talk about her frustrations with me. Who knows if any of it will stick, but at least I’ve made my own motives clear.

After that, she turned around and wanted to make a board game, so she and Summer found the old box from Summer’s digital smart scale and started to paint it. I played and tinkered for most of the day, and got the kids to play a tiny bit of the Switch with me. Most of the day felt kind of like a wasted blur of a day. Summer and Autumn did get together to make a spaghetti and meatball dinner, and then we played a long and complete game of Phase 10 in which I decimated even the Dominant One.

Summer ended the evening in bed with a little TV before going to sleep. Overall it was a good evening, but I wish I had gotten to spend a few hours at home.

And with that, Spring Break 2020 was over.

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