Divide and Progress

I tried not to sleep in too late today since spring break is officially over. Summer got the kids up, and we picked at leftovers for breakfast. It was a nice day out, so Summer wanted to take the kids out on a hike while I went home to clean up. They went to Long Pool for what looked like a really great time, and I took a long overdue shower.

They got to my house just as I was getting dressed, and then I sent Noah and Eaddie out on bikes while Summer went out for another 5k around the neighborhood. Autumn wanted to lay around watching TV, but I made her go outside with me to eat our sandwiches I made. Summer got back from her run about the time we finished eating, and then I started picking at stuff in the garage. Autumn even helped break down some cardboard for recycling because I wouldn’t let her go back inside to lay down.

It really was a perfect day for cleaning up outside, and the kids enjoyed getting out of the house again. I made two clear paths through the garage, so hopefully soon I’ll have room for parking again. Summer took everyone back to her house, and I trailed along a little later once I was satisfied with my stopping point.

I took Eaddie a Google Home Mini for her room since she worked so hard on cleaning and rearranging it. Summer finally got her Magic Bullet blender, and I warmed up some leftovers for dinner before she, Eaddie, and I snuggled up for some Glee until bedtime.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re awake.

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