No Lessons Learned

I let myself sleep in a little today since I was working from home again. The kids got a pizza delivered from their father, and I had some leftovers while I worked. I made the mistake of replying-all to an email chain of teachers that were confused about how to use a VPN, and got bombarded with direct emails asking for help.

The kids had a bit of trouble getting motivated today since they’ve been used to being out of school for two weeks now. Noah was especially sluggish, and didn’t want to put his phone and headphones down. I wasn’t impressed at all with any of the work that was sent home anyway. Eaddie had one assignment to draw a vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and curvy line in a big box. She is not five. Then she had another assignment to label North American countries, and she couldn’t even tell me what two countries border our own. She may actually be five.

I ended up going home for a while, but didn’t get too much accomplished there. The rain really started coming down, and I eventually made it back up to Summer’s for the evening. Summer had already been in bed for a couple hours, so I picked at leftovers again, played on my phone a bit, and eventually found my way to bed.

What the hell do these kids do all day at school, anyway?

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