Quick Night In

Friday kind of loses meaning when you’ve been home for three weeks. I got up and did a little work, mostly cleaning up more duplicated accounts again. Autumn had been up a while and started chores, and woke Eaddie up shortly after I came out. I took a break after a while and watched an episode of Iron Fist with Eaddie, then went back to work.

The tomato bits I had planted started to sprout on the porch, and within just a couple hours of checking on them throughout the morning I could tell that they were noticeably bigger. I wish I had thought of it sooner, but I started a hyper-lapse video of them on my Pixel 2 XL to see if I could get any movement. A little over an hour later my phone started to go dead and I had about 30 seconds of video. The movement didn’t really start to happen until the last few seconds, but I did get to watch them grow a tiny bit.

Summer brought a bucket of chicken strips home after Autumn called asking for a chicken sandwich. We all ate pretty quickly, and then Eaddie and I went back to watching Iron Fist. Summer went to bed and watched an episode of Cake Wars, but when that was over Eaddie and I joined her to finish the third season of Glee.

With everyone else wound down for bed, Eaddie and I watched a couple more episodes of Iron Fist, then went to bed ourselves.

More routine than usual.

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