Taking it Offline

It was just a little bit cool this morning, but I decided to take the Grom in to work. I got a bit of a slow start, mostly messing with what we collectively agreed were “Michael problems” that are oddly specific, unique and important only to me, and necessarily unimportant. By the end of the day it helped me learn some stuff though, so it was a good day.

Ben drove us to Taco John’s for lunch, where I tried to use the app’s new online ordering feature. I didn’t realize I had to tap a button to “check in,” but that was resolved in short order. The tacos, on the other hand, were terrible. I should have ordered soft tacos, because by the time we got back to the shop, they were soft anyway.

Ben and I had another conference call after lunch, this time with a whole group of people representing Relay. I should have known just by how the meeting started that it was going to be kind of typical office-lingo corporate nonsense. In the end, they just couldn’t demo anything that we really needed, and then couldn’t really properly answer some of the technical questions we had with their four people on the call. Gary stopped by and sat in for a while, and spent most of the time rolling his eyes, but that could just be typical Gary.

That wrapped up the work day, so I stopped by the shop to see Summer on the way home. Once I got settled in a little bit, I started making some decent progress in cleaning some things up a bit. It felt really good to be that productive. Summer came by when she got off, but ended up going home to work out instead of going out for a run.

After giving her some time to work out, I headed up to Summer’s for the evening. Eaddie and I watched some Jessica Jones, then I picked at some leftovers for dinner while pan frying some hot dogs and cheese for Summer. Then the three of us ended the evening with an episode of Glee.

We’ll take our Trump Bucks elsewhere.

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