Quarantine and Conquer

My lip was still pretty swollen when I got up this morning, and it took most of the day for it to go back to normal. The refried beans I made the night before were really soupy, so I left the Instant Pot on all night to steam off. I kept having to get up and blend them some more, but eventually they thickened up. I did what I could for work while the girls lounged around for the first part of the afternoon. When they did get up, I had Autumn clean up inside while Eaddie mowed the back yard.

Summer had chili going in the slow cooker, so we had that for dinner when she got home from work a little early. Then I had Autumn drive me home so I could take care of a few things and give her some time away from everyone else. She watched the second part of The Deathly Hallows while I showered, and then we headed back up to her house in a torrential downpour.

Summer was already in bed when we got here, and Eaddie wanted to watch Luke Cage, but I was too aggravated by the loss of their TV remote, and subsequently the mess I found in and around the furniture while trying to find it. They’ll just have to spend some time really cleaning tomorrow.

With everyone else in bed, Eaddie stayed up with me and started chatting the way we sometimes do, about everything from the mess I made of the living room, to those Magic Eye pictures they used to sell at the mall.

Call me punctilious, but I refuse to live with someone that can permanently lose a television remote.

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