Hunter, Gatherer

I woke up a bit earlier this morning and did a bit of work while the girls were in bed. Eventually I made them get up and start hunting for the TV remote. It started out okay, but they slowly got snippy with each other and it all kind of fell apart.

Autumn had therapy, so I dropped her off before going to Walgreens for a drug refill. I was a little surprised they hadn’t gone completely touchless there, and made me type my phone number into the card reader. At least it was a quick in-and-out. I stopped by to see Summer on my way out, then got gas, and headed home for a quick shower before going back to pick up Autumn.

I made a quick stop at Casey’s for a freebie, got Autumn, and we headed back to their house for the evening. I told the girls they couldn’t eat until they found the remote, and for a moment they actually got their heads together and retraced their day. Autumn found the remote stuck way down in the recliner, and peace was restored.

We all picked at leftovers, then played a couple games of Yahtzee where we learned that Summer had all of the statistics preloaded in her brain. Then Eaddie and I snuggled up for a surprisingly long Luke Cage marathon.

Wha yuh deh pon?

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