Not Friday

I wanted to sleep in so much this morning, but one of the cats came up and bit me on the forehead. The cool weather all night with the windows open had me at an absolutely perfect level of cozy, but I had to get up and face the day. Autumn got up and made bacon and pancakes for breakfast, but we didn’t have any syrup, so they sent me to Dollar General for that, Nutella, and ice cream for later. I used the app to check out, but the tablet at the front was turned off for some reason. Luckily I found the power button and got it booted up, and was able to check out without any trouble.

Breakfast was great, and then I got into some work for a while. I took some game breaks either with Animal Crossing or Grid on Stadia. Since Google was giving away two month trials of Stadia, I figured I could hop back on and try it again now that there are more games available, and I was pretty pleased with Grid. I wasn’t any good at it, but it looked and played well.

Eventually I had to get the girls out of their rooms to do something, so Autumn started on some laundry and cleaning the house while Eaddie went outside to mow the front lawn. They get along way better when they’re separated and productive, but Eaddie definitely takes the lion’s share of the work without too much fuss. We’ll have to watch for that though, and still need to reign in their screen time.

When Summer got home, we had some leftovers while the girls went outside and had dinner with their father. Then we packed up and headed to my house for the evening since I didn’t get to go during the day. I played a game of Yahtzee with Autumn, then she went to sleep watching Alice in Wonderland. Eaddie and I ended the evening with a pretty good mid-season episode of Luke Cage.

Calloo-callay, no work today. We’re cabbages and kings!

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