I was supposed to do some experiment work with Ben today, but he and Greg were mostly out of the office this morning. I just assumed I should stick around to answer the phone, so I spent the whole day in the office just picking at random things.

Gary came by in the afternoon and chatted for a little while until Ben showed up, and then we finally upgraded LanSchool to see if the changes improved anything. They didn’t appear to make a difference.

When I finally left, I ran by Taco Bell since I assumed Summer hadn’t had lunch either. We ate in the office, and then I went home to wait for her. The girls spent the night with a friend, so I did a little work on the aquariums until Summer showed up.

My poison ivy worked up a pretty decent infection in my right leg, so it was a pretty uneventful evening from there. I spent a really long time looking at modern lighting fixtures from China. Everything seems to just be rebranded cheap stuff from China. It’s not even worth buying things at the store.

No assembly this year. No matter, we have another retiree that would have gotten the employee of the year award anyway.

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