Adobe House

Today was warm and humid, but you couldn’t tell from indoors. I had to go upstairs into Gardner this morning to redeploy some Adobe Acrobat packages. I couldn’t tell what, if anything, was actually broken because every installation I touched was installed as a one-off instead of deployed in SCCM.

I didn’t even bother taking a lunch break, and instead ate a leftover soft taco that Greg didn’t want because it had lettuce in it. Then I went to the high school to close out a few tickets for the day.

Eaddie reminded me that she had a private flute lesson, so I went home to change and then picked her up. The lesson wasn’t very long, so I just waited in the car playing Animal Crossing to complete my daily tasks. Then we went back to my house because she wanted to ride the motorcycle to see Summer. We stopped at Casey’s momentarily for a freebie, and then I dusted the pollen off of the bike.

Summer called her just as we were about to leave, and said she took the rest of the day off with a headache, so we stayed at my house for a while and finished the second season of Iron Fist. We were pretty confused by the ending, but it did open up the possibilities for future seasons. Unfortunately that’s unlikely now that Marvel is in the House of Mouse.

We finally headed back up to Summer’s and picked at some leftovers for dinner. Everyone went to bed pretty early.

YouTube Music is awful in ways I just can’t even seem to express effectively.

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