Back in the Office

I went straight to the high school this morning to try and clean up in preparation for picking up 1,000 more laptops through the rest of the week. It really was like I had to re-learn my own processes just because it’s been so long. I felt pretty lost most of the morning, but at least I had my speakers.

I ended up taking a late lunch with Summer, where we went through the Arby’s drive-through, then ate in her office. Every time I go to lunch late, I forget how awful and busy it is. I feel like I’ve kind of lost some of my taste for fast food too, but we haven’t been very adventurous at home in a while either. It’s just that nothing sounds good any more.

After lunch, I went to the shop to see if anyone could help me haul a bunch of fiber equipment out of my office. Ben had the new HP demo units in, so I disassembled one of them as well as one of the Lenovos just to compare. It’s all integrated and solid state now, so not at all like traditional computers. I told him they were mostly not repairable, and he basically just accepted that I won’t be doing many repairs any more. That’s a good thing.

We ended the day hauling the equipment out of my office and taking it back to the graveyard. Tomorrow is the big day, but I’ll have an extra set of hands and a better idea of what I need to do to keep organized. I went home and nearly fell asleep from exhaustion.

When Summer got home, I headed up and started warming up some dinner. Amanda called and asked if I could come help her into her house because she forgot her keys, so I ran across town to help, then went back to dinner. Summer crashed super early, and I tried not to lag too far behind. Tomorrow’s a big day.

“To beat the bureaucracy, make your problem their problem.”
-Marshall L. Smith

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