Food Delivery

I got up extra early today for laptop pickup at the high school. Gary and Zach met me there, but didn’t seem to want to be much help. Zach was the most fussy. My laptop was dead, so I had to run to the shop to get my charger. I also brought a big Bluetooth speaker from Summer’s so we could have some music. To my surprise, they were doing teacher interviews right inside the PAC, but I didn’t let that stop me from jamming out. I think it was a hit overall.

Ben eventually showed up with some Stoby’s, and then ultimately let Zach and Gary leave for the afternoon while he stayed to help. We never got busy, and took fewer laptops than our senior day. Tomorrow and Friday will be hell. I got a pretty good sunburn, but I think next time we’ll start in the shade.

After work, I went home to lotion up and just rested in the cool air. My Stalk Market crashed, so I went onto an Animal Crossing subreddit and found someone with a store that was buying them for a bit over five times what I paid. I was surprised I got in so quickly with all the activity in the comments. After all that worry, I ended up a bellionaire.

Eventually Summer got home and I headed up to her place for the evening. Just as we sat down to eat, one of the cats showed up with a tiny baby bunny just squeaking away. I ran outside to fetch it, and it seemed unharmed. Autumn quickly took over and held onto it for the evening. She just reminds me of myself the way she always wants to keep all of the animals. In the end, that’s no good for anybody. It was cute though, and too young to release back into the wild for at least a little while.

I thanked the cat for dinner, and we crashed relatively early.

You’re going to get hare all over the place.

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