Do You Pay My Automo’ Bills

I got up pretty early this morning after going to bed early, and managed to get invited to another island to offload the rest of my turnips. The stalk market has been good to me, and today turned out to be a pretty good day in the stock market as well. I even hosted a couple other people to my island to buy the rare royal crown item that was being sold at my tailor’s shop.

Autumn told me around lunch time that Noah forgot his work clothes here when he went home, so I had to leave pretty early to deliver them back to him. I stopped at Casey’s on the way for a free water, dropped off his clothes, then went on to my house for the afternoon.

I did my best to stay at least a little bit productive, but I was pretty easily sidetracked today. I did manage to pay off a couple old medical bills that I had been avoiding because it appeared as though they kept fluctuating due to insurance. In the end, most of them did still have to be paid, and I’ve decided that a better course of action would have been to follow my own advice with what I already understood of my own body, rather than go to a doctor and a specialist to end up paying a bunch of money just to confirm what I already knew.

Mom and Dad came by to look at my porch columns, and I fed the bettas some fresh larvae I spotted in my water bucket. I ate my leftover pasta from last week, and generally milled around the house all evening before finally taking a shower and heading up to Summer’s for the night.

I – Don’t – Think – You – Do!

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