Zoom Breakup

I had to get up this morning for a conference call with a vendor. We were supposed to be demoing their classroom management software, but the guys at Impero came back after knocking the price down by about 70%, and their software is the best I’ve seen so far. I tried to just send an email, but then the time for the meeting arrived and I felt bad not showing up at all, so I joined and let them down “face to face.”

A bit more work came to me throughout the morning, and then Summer came home for lunch. I stir fried up some veggies and heated up the leftover barbecue from the Ridgewood Brothers. Not long after that, I had to take Autumn to physical therapy. I went home for a little bit to clean up after the cat, but then had to pick Autumn back up before I could go back home to take a shower.

She wanted to make dinner, so we stopped by Walmart and got two and a quarter pounds of hamburger meet for fifteen Trump Bucks before heading back up to the house. Summer beat us home, and Autumn made some “Hamburger Helper” while we worked on a budget.

Everyone was pretty tired after dinner, so we all just called it an early night.

Marry someone who looks sexy while disappointed.
-Phil Dunphy

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