First Swim (2020 Edition)

Somehow I managed to sleep in until almost noon today. Summer had already left the house and returned with Burger King for lunch. The girls really wanted to go swim, so we got up and rolled out to my house for some quick chores and to pick up swim suits. Then we went to my parents’ house for a swim.

We timed it just about right for lots of shade, and the water was a nice temperature. I think the girls got a little cold in it though, which prompted them to get out sooner than they would otherwise. Mom spent the whole time power washing things, with Dad running around behind her.

Eventually we loaded back up to go home for dinner. We stopped by Hannah and Dylan’s to drop off the baby cow chair I got for their new little one, and ended up chatting for a bit longer than I expected. Then it was back to my house to drop off towels, and up to Summer’s for the evening.

Summer got to work putting together stuff for berry chicken salads, and we ate pretty quickly while the girls showered. Then I fought slow internet to get something done for work. It didn’t take long at all for everyone to run off to their rooms for bed.

Thank God for killing that half million people. I really needed a break.

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