Maybe It Wasn’t Him…

We were sent to the junior high this morning to gut several desktop computer labs. Gary and I took one truck with a bunch of hand trucks to my house so we could air up the tires quickly and easily using my built-in air gauge. Then we met up with everyone else and helped load up the trailer with a bunch of computer equipment.

It wasn’t until we were four labs into the process that Zach realized we weren’t supposed to remove the second room we did, so we ended up just moving the last lab back into the second room to make up for it. Of course that came with its own set of problems, but they were due for a re-image anyway.

A dog came to visit while we worked into lunch, just so we could get the trailer unloaded. Then Allen, Greg, and I went to Firehouse for lunch. I guess I hadn’t fully processed that we had to wear masks until we got our food, so I had to run back out to the car and reuse a couple of masks we got from Pizza Ranch this weekend. We were still short one, but we made it work since I had already ordered my food online anyway.

After lunch, we were all left to our own devices, so I just worked on what I could at the shop. At the end of the day, Gary left to swap the fiber connection at Crawford, so I tagged along in the rain to help. Summer wouldn’t be home for a while anyway, and it was a good way to get some experience and a little bit of education from Gary.

When we finished, I headed up to Summer’s where we picked at leftovers for dinner. The girls were staying with their father, so we came back to my house for the evening. I started some laundry while Summer watched her baking show, and then it was off to a relatively early bedtime.

Never do once what can be done in triplicate.
-Us, apparently.

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