The Guttening: Part II

Summer hinted that she wanted an iced coffee this morning by telling me directly last night that she wanted me to bring her an iced coffee this morning, so I got out a little early and made the trip to Starbucks. Once at work, we didn’t waste any time getting back to the junior high to strip out three more computer labs. We got all of that done just before lunch, and we didn’t even have to do anything twice.

Allen and I went to Burger King and just brought it back after the relative nightmare of dining in yesterday. They were surprisingly fast, and reliably hot and fresh in these trying times. I did have some trouble with the app, but at least they were on top of things at the restaurant.

Everyone was on their own again for the afternoon, so I stayed at the shop and did my best to juggle a couple different projects myself. I ended up staying a bit late working on the wiki and getting it updated. Ben came by and chatted for a while, which is always good conversation.

After work, Summer and I went up to her house to have some more leftovers for dinner. Then it was right back home for the evening. I cleaned up a little bit, but bedtime crept up pretty quickly. I must be getting older.

Plant your flag, or somebody else will.

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