Spitting Image

Right after I got into the shower, they started working on the water lines down the road and I lost all of my water pressure. I practically had to jump around just to get wet. It was really humid this morning, but otherwise the weather was really nice. I rode the bike to work again, but I really need to take it in for scheduled maintenance. We still didn’t have any projects to do, so I spent all morning working on the wiki again. I think I finally got it to a place where I could be happy with it, so all that’s left is to get people to start creating articles for procedures and documentation.

Zach and Greg went to pick up Arby’s for lunch, and then Gary helped me dissect the imaging task sequence so I could rebuild it with a few changes for next year’s leased devices. I felt really happy with my level of understanding, and I even got in a little learning about subnetting on the side.

At the end of the day, Gary had to go to Sequoyah to do some more fiber switching, so I joined him again. As we left the shop, I looked up and saw the brightest, cleanest, bluest sky I think I’ve ever seen. You couldn’t see a cloud, a jet trail, or anything else in the sky at all. It was just pure blue.

When we finished, I stopped by Leonard’s to pick up a pry bar, Casey’s for a free water, and the shop to see Summer, all before heading home to play some Overwatch. The evening went by pretty quickly, and I eventually headed up to her house for the night.

Summer and Autumn were watching TV in bed, so Eaddie and I watched an episode of The Punisher before going to bed ourselves.

This season is a laugh track away from being a sitcom.

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