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Our department sign came down at some point over the weekend, and somehow found a way to make itself more relevant than ever. Most of the group was out chasing iPads while I spent the day troubleshooting my OS deployment package. I felt pretty good about the changes I made, but it was pretty time consuming to compile the packages and actually test the changes.

Gary helped guide me a bit between working on his own things, and when the time came, we ran to Slim Chickens to pick up some lunch. My Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich was unsurprisingly spiceless, but tasty enough, though seemingly smallish. I asked for fries, but got fried pickles instead somehow. They were alright, but overpriced. The chips were great, but I knew that going in.

The afternoon was mostly more of the same, but I had to leave before my final USB drive was finished. I stopped by the shop to check in with Summer, then ran home to do a little cleaning and start some laundry. Zach stopped by to chat about the Fiero and his ride he picked up. He still wants to work on my car, so I guess we’re going to give that a try tomorrow.

I eventually made my way up to Summer’s for the evening, and I cleaned up some leftovers for dinner. Eaddie and I watched an episode of The Punisher, and then it was off to bed.

When they move your office location due to departmental cutbacks.

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