I spent all day banging my head against the wall with my image task sequence. It’s such a slow process to build the media that I only get to test it a couple of times per day, and I’m running out of time. Tomorrow I’ll just have to start over and make smaller changes each time.

A big group of us went to Bocadillos for an excellent lunch, but outside of that I didn’t see many people all day. The Great Technology Hunt of 2020 is still underway.

After work, I had Zach come over to start looking at the Fiero. We went to AutoZone together to pick up a replacement battery, and we could tell the car wanted to turn over, but the clutch was completely shot. There was a very small amount of resistance on the first push, but after that there was none at all. It wasn’t until then that Zach said he didn’t really know anything about clutches, but I figure I don’t have much to lose outside of money for replacement parts.

He didn’t stick around for very long, and I figure I’ll eventually have to just let him have the keys so he can work on it during the day while I’m gone. Once my load of laundry finished, I headed up to Summer’s for the evening. I grabbed some Zaxby’s for dinner on the way, and we made salads at home with some chicken strips. Then it was an early evening to bed.

I don’t remember the Fiero being this close to the ground…

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