Evidently I forgot to change the pickup time on my breakfast pizza this morning, so by the time I got to Casey’s, they had given up on me and put my pizza in the warmer. The guy pulled all the slices out and boxed them up for me, but was going to short me a slice they had sold to someone else. I’m sure it was inadvertent, but I called him out on it and he gave me another slice of something else.

Heather got to the high school a bit late, and we did our best to find a groove with inspecting and re-imaging all of the old laptops. I’m not sure she really understood what kind of damage I was trying to call out, but that may have been my fault for poorly explaining the different things I’ve seen.

Lunch time snuck up on me, and she left for about an hour and a half, then returned with lunch to eat there. I just worked straight through and found a good groove. By myself, I was better able to find the bottleneck in our process. There were still things I wanted to change in the process, but I gave up on some of them for time and sanity’s sake.

I stayed a couple hours late just trying to finish up the fourth bin of laptops, then headed to my parents’ house for dinner. They got home just before I did, and Mom made up some shrimp soup. I was pretty beat from doing squats all day to lift and drop laptops, so I was pretty lame until we ate dinner, and then I headed home for the night.

Zach was already at my house when I got home, and had the Fiero up on jack stands. As I bounced around the house cleaning up, he pulled the fuel filter and verified that it wasn’t clogged. He said his next suspect was the fuel pump itself, but he wasn’t quite sure how best to tackle that project. The city code prevents me from just leaving it up on stands, which feels really stupid if it’s not in the grass.

As the sun went down, he put the car back down and I decompressed with just a little bit of Overwatch before bed.

I still think maybe Thanos was on to something.

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