Everything of Something, and a Little of Everything

I got up this morning and went home to clean up before coming back to pick up Summer and Autumn. We made it down to the Children’s Hospital with plenty of time to spare, so I tried to redeem a free meal from Taco Bell while I waited. Evidently so were millions of other people, so both the website and the app were down.

Fortunately it wasn’t long before the girls were done, so I got them and we drove across town to our first Target on University. They had a few Philips light switches and motion sensors left on clearance, so I bought them out. Then we stopped by Big Orange Burger for some lunch. Autumn was trying to avoid a burger with an egg on it, and somehow she managed to order the only hamburger that came with an egg on it. I still can’t even.

After lunch, we went by the Splash main office so Summer could pick up a check. Jeff gave me a handful of Splash gift cards, and sent us on our way.

We had to drive way across Little Rock to get to the Target on Chenal, where I picked up way more Philips stuff. They didn’t have theirs marked down or moved to a clearance rack, but I lucked out and they all rang up at the clearance price.

With my Operation: Spend All My Money complete, we headed toward home and stopped at Sam’s in Conway to spend more money. This time it was mostly essentials, and I took the opportunity to stock up on some meats in case COVID gets really bad as things keep opening up. Then it was back home.

We stopped to get Summer’s car, and we both went to get some gas. Then I ran home to do some chores while they went back to their house. I had forgotten that I had to do some laundry, so I got my load of socks going, changed my furnace air filter, and tinkered with a motion sensor.

When I finally got to Summer’s, Autumn helped me split up the bulk meat we bought, then I had some of the chicken dinner she made for everyone. Summer was already in bed not feeling well, so I stayed up and tinkered with a Sinus server for Johnny and the rest of the gang to use on my TeamSpeak server. It looks like a pretty robust piece of software, and I’m surprised there wasn’t better documentation for the initial setup. I managed to get most of it figured out though. I’ll have to tinker more with it later.

They couldn’t think of any better names?

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