Wood You Look at That

I took a couple personal days this week so they wouldn’t turn into pumpkins sick days at the end of the month, but I forgot to turn my alarm off for this morning. Overall I think I was satisfied with the amount of sleep I got, and I still beat the kids awake anyway.

I got up and had some leftover breakfast pizza, then played some Overwatch. Eventually Noah woke up and we finished District 9. I woke Eaddie up, and before long Autumn came home with Subway for lunch for all three of them.

The afternoon slipped by pretty quickly, and after minimal fussing at the kids to clean up the house, I just had to get home to try and be a little productive myself. I spent the majority of my time there cleaning off my computer desk, and I finally managed to get down to bare wood in at least one place.

As the night quickly approached, I made my way back up to Summer’s, had some leftover rice and chicken for dinner, and played some more Overwatch until Summer got off the phone with Aunt Beth. We caught up a little bit until it was time for her to go to bed. Then I was going to stay up and watch an episode of The Punisher, but the kids lost the remote and none of them wanted to hunt it down. Instead, I subdued my rage with a few rounds of Overwatch, then went to bed.

Therapy is not a substitute for effective communication at home.

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