Docked Out Till We Clocked Out

I woke up this morning with a knot on my head, and no idea how it got there. I didn’t remember hitting my head last night, but I did hit it pretty hard a couple weeks ago when we were unpacking student laptops. I couldn’t imagine why it would start throbbing and grow into a lump again today after all that time, but there it was.

Autumn tried to stay home today, but I refused to let her. We went by the shop first thing to see if we could take Kyle with us again. Then we let him image student devices while we swapped docking stations. We left him just before lunch to meet the others at the shop. Then Allen joined us for Cici’s.

After lunch, we got some additional new-hire paperwork signed for Autumn, then went back to the high school to continue with docks. Kyle needed a break from that monotony, so I traded him for Autumn and let her image laptops while Kyle and I finished docking stations.

We got almost all of them finished, but had a couple that were checked out to inverted room numbers, and I think a couple that I will have to swap out tomorrow. We got a little bit lost in some of the older parts of the building, and even locked ourselves out once, so we had to walk around the safe room to get back in.

Autumn and I finished up with one last dock at the indoor practice facility, then went to my house for a while so I could put some ice on my head. The knot just sort of swelled up and hurt worse throughout the course of the evening. We stopped by Walmart so she could get some bath stuff and some chicken to cook for dinner, and then we headed up to their house for the evening.

Summer got home in the middle of Autumn making her chicken pasta. It didn’t take too long for us to eat and split up again. Summer and I chatted for a while and watched some more car reviews before bed.

Ahoy hoy, Captain!

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