Work Orders

Autumn came in today and crunched through imaging student laptops while I started running around the building taking care of things I’d been putting off. It won’t take long for the workload to explode, so I’ve got to make time for those things now.

We went to the shop to get Allen, then met Josh at Subway for lunch. Then we went back to the high school for more of the same. Kyle came by to help out later in the afternoon, which was great because Summer had to take Autumn to physical therapy. I finally wrapped up the docking station deployment, so that’s a huge load off my back.

After work, I got Autumn and went by Walgreens to ship some packages for work and get my blood pressure meds. Then we stopped by Superfast to see what Summer and Eaddie were up to. Eaddie had gone to work with her in the morning, and was looking a bit bored when we got there, so she came home with us.

Autumn landed in front of the TV. Eaddie really wanted to ride her bike but couldn’t get Autumn to go with her. I let her ride around the neighborhood by herself while I worked on the garage a little bit. I ended up slicing my thumb open on a piece of metal hanging out of the back of an old computer.

Summer hit the gym after work, so I took the girls to Walmart for more wet cat food and some stuff to make barbecue nachos. The girls ordered pizza courtesy of their father, so Summer and I had some killer nachos instead. I completely forgot to put barbecue sauce on them because of how good the white cheese dip was.

Autumn mowed just a little bit of the lawn before she ate. Then Eaddie and I watched the first episode of the last season of Jessica Jones before everyone wandered off to bed.

It’s reality. I accept it and proceed accordingly.

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