Every step I took this morning landed me a little further behind. Split evidently had trouble keeping solid food down last night, so that was a fun surprise this morning. We ended up at work just a hair late, but we jumped right to work. Autumn basically imaged laptops all day long while I ran around the building closing work orders.

We still had leftover Subway in the fridge, so Autumn worked through lunch while I ran to the shop for some supplies. I stopped by Sonic for some drinks on the way back, then continued on through the afternoon. It was nice to get so much closed out, especially considering how old some of those work orders had gotten.

Most of my new Patriot Supersonic Rage USB drives had arrived, so I got them loaded with the student image in record time, and swapped them out for Autumn. I still have a few rooms that I know I have to visit this week, but for the most part I’m sort of just waiting for everything to fall apart once teachers come back on Monday.

We went home after work, and I got the carpet cleaner out to finish what I had started in the morning. Then we went to get Eaddie and dropped her and Autumn off at karate. I cleaned the cat box again to try and eliminate my gnat problem, then met the girls at my parents’ house for dinner.

Dad grilled some great pork chops and shrimp, and Mom put together noodles and veggies for us. Then we headed back up the hill for the evening. Just after we got there, a college kid knocked on the door trying to sell educational books. It kind of spooked us since it was so dark, but I talked to him for a little bit. The books looked similar to the ones my parents bought me when I was young, and I never once touched them.

Eaddie, Summer, and I finished the evening with an episode of Glee, and then it was off to bed a little early.

This is why they’re called “bored meetings.”

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