Steady Hustle

Autumn nearly finished imaging laptops today while I continued to run around cleaning up any work orders that I could. Next week is hell week in any normal year, and everyone’s stress over digital learning will only make it worse.

Zach called everyone back to the shop for a pizza party on the department, so Ben, Autumn, and I ran to Pizza Hut to pick up the order. The guy recognized us as being with the school district somehow, which was cool. Less cool was when he asked if we wanted plates and napkins, then gave us exactly three plates for our five pizzas. We immediately just laughed it off, then proceeded to the shop and made everyone use tiny cake plates that we had on hand.

After lunch was of course more of the same until Autumn left for physical therapy. I soldiered on until quitting time, then got Autumn home and went to Mark’s office again for a couple hours. Sometimes I feel like we end up repeatedly covering a lot of the same stuff, but I guess it’s just a part of the job.

Summer was going to get home a bit late while the girls were stuck mowing the lawn, so I went by Popeye’s to redeem a free sandwich before going home for the evening. Summer said someone hit her car door, so I went through security camera footage of when she went by the school to see if it happened there. No luck.

I was pretty beat from running around all day, so I played just a little bit of Overwatch between bits of tinkering. Then it was off to bed at a reasonable time.

Why can’t Popeye’s be consistently like today?

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