Come On, We ‘Rona Schedule

Summer took Autumn to work with her this morning, so I picked her up from there on the way to work. She only had a few more student laptops to finish up, and the morning flew by for me as I ran around closing work orders.

We took a late lunch to pick up some Burger King, drop some off for Summer, then went back to the shop to eat. Next week we’ll be back on our full-time schedule, so I decided to take tomorrow off before hell week.

The afternoon was pretty uneventful, though I did get a handful of printers converted to my new deployment scheme. After work, we ran by my house so I could change, then got Eaddie for karate.

While they were at karate, I went to my parents’ house for some fish soup for dinner. I just barely had enough time to eat and run before picking up the girls and taking them home. Summer was absolutely beat from work, but Eaddie convinced her to watch an episode of Glee before going to sleep. Afterward, Eaddie and I watched an episode of Jessica Jones before she decided she wanted to go to bed early.

Hurry up and relax!

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