The Cat’s Out of the Bag

I got up this morning feeling pretty rested, and let the cat outside to wander around while I got ready for work. To my surprise and delight, he ran right back in when I called for him. Summer brought Autumn to me, and we headed to the high school for the last day of laptop pickup. We have a makeup day tomorrow, but at the end of today, most of the devices were out of my way.

Richard from Dependable called and wanted to check for leaks on my AC unit, so I woke Dad up and had him run to the house. There was a leak, and I was about two pounds low on refrigerant again. That explained the huge jump in my Nest’s inefficiency this month.

I let the girls carry on in the library while I beat my head against the wall some more over some printers in my office. I eventually took a break to pick up lunch from Zaxby’s, then continued on with more of the same. We actually left close to quitting time and came back to my house for a little while before Autumn’s band practice.

Summer got Eaddie to karate, then brought everyone back home for the evening. We picked at some leftovers for dinner, and then the usual suspects settled in for a pretty early bedtime while I stayed up too late cleaning my inbox.

The emails just won’t quit, and I still don’t understand why I can’t just fall off the map to go live on a ship.

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