The Great Outdoors

Summer got up with me this morning and took Eaddie to the gym. Then Autumn and I went to work, where I left her to tend to the library while I holed up in my office to complete my super important task of building Impero deployments and creating an actual test environment for James to use in training.

Autumn must have done really well, because I only had to stop in a couple times. I felt relatively accomplished, especially considering I had to deal with a CenturyLink outage first thing, instead of working on my Very Important Project. I did go pick up lunch for everyone again, along with some Sonic drinks for everyone. Some of that went into the floor mat because they were a bit overfull, but that rinsed right off when I got home after work.

We didn’t have to sort any after-school activities today, so I worked a bit late over the phone with Ben, then went home to tend to the cat. Summer wasn’t feeling well after work, so I took Autumn home, then came back to start some laundry and let Split explore the front yard a bit.

I think Split may have spent just a little bit of time outdoors when he was very young, but other than that he’s been an indoor cat for all 16 years of his life. He had so many smells and things to taste outside, and he just slowly, quietly stalked around the yard. I’ll never be able to keep a cat indoors like that again. I really don’t want any more pets outside of an aquarium for a very long time. It’s been so long, and not really worth it in the end.

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