Looking for a Handout

Summer brought Autumn to work for me again today, and we started handing laptops out to the seniors. It was an all-day affair, and for the most part the kids were pretty spread out. Seniors are always a bit more chill since they’ve been through the motions a couple times before.

Noah came by to get his laptop and then needed a ride home, so I dropped him off on the way to pick up Stoby’s for lunch. Autumn had a dentist appointment around lunch time, but then came right back. Work orders continued to flow in all day, and I did what I could remotely. Ben called at the end of the day and said he needed me to work on deploying Impero first thing tomorrow, so hopefully Autumn can handle my part of the laptop handout without me.

Autumn’s band practice was cancelled due to the rain, so we picked Eaddie up after work and I dropped them both off at karate. Then I went by my parents’ house for some fish soup before heading home to clean up a bunch more carpet. It was a bit of a slow-motion nightmare, and I was exhausted by the end of the night. The girls came over to spend the night, and I just crashed as soon as I could.

I don’t like it, buddy. I don’t like it.

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