Workin’ 8 to 4:30

In the moment, waking up this morning felt like the saddest I had ever been in my whole life. I was not prepared to go back to work after all these months of shorter days. At this point, I’m not even sure I’m not willing to accept the sacrifice for COVID to stick around forever. I kinda feel like we had it coming anyway. Maybe it’s the reset that humanity needed.

Summer brought Autumn to work for me so I didn’t have to wrestle her out of bed. I didn’t have much for her to do today, but did find a couple gopher errands she could do. I, perhaps unwisely, spent most of the day fighting my printer deployments. I never could get any of them going, but obviously I’d been successful in the past.

We left a bit late for lunch and I dropped a laptop off for shipping at Walgreens, then we went through the Arby’s drive through, ate at the shop, then headed back to work. The afternoon went by quickly but not much more productively. I did fix one department copier, but it wouldn’t have been an issue in the first place if they had only deployed it correctly before I took over.

Autumn had band practice afterward, so I ran her home for her instrument that she was supposed to bring to work with her, then by her grandparents’ to pick up a special face mask with a Velcro flap for her clarinet. It sounded ridiculous in my head, and I was absolutely positive that nobody else in the goddamn band had one, but she insisted that it was a requirement to play her instrument. I suggested she just put a surgical mask on the end of her instrument instead. Seriously, school is so stupid.

I went home to clean more carpet. Split seemed to have more of an appetite, but I can’t spend this much of every single day cleaning up after him. That’s when I decided I would be spending the rest of the week at home with him. I’ll give him some time to explore outside in the evenings, then probably take him to the vet at the end of the week. It’s a sad inconvenience.

When Autumn’s band gig was over, I picked her up and we went to their house for the evening. I had a quick salad for dinner, and everyone was off to bed.

It’s truly the end of the second era.

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