Summer and I got up this morning and had leftover waffles and eggs for breakfast. Then she tried to motivate the kids out of bed to clean up the house while she went to the gym. I left as the girls started bickering at each other. I gave Noah permission to knock them around if needed, and headed home to try and clean up a little bit.

Noah had to work, so Summer brought the girls over after dropping him off. Then she and Eaddie went out for a bike ride in the heat while Autumn stayed inside and watched multiple screens as usual. I cleaned more carpet, because that’s my life now. When they got back from their ride, Summer took them home to prepare dinner.

I eventually made it back up the hill, just in time to eat. Summer grilled some pork chops to go with an asparagus, mushroom, tomato, and mozzarella dish, and some mashed potatoes. It was nice to have a well-rounded meal again. Afterward she watched a couple episodes of Glee until everyone scattered to their rooms.

But they don’t look like pigs’ tails.

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