20th Percentile

Autumn helped with a few more laptop handouts this morning during the makeup day, and I pretty much stayed in my office. I ended up making a breakthrough in my printer madness, and was able to successfully deploy multiple printers. That will cut down a bunch of my work orders next week.

Autumn wanted to go to Cici’s for lunch, so we invited Allen and Josh along as well. Zach replied to the group text and said we shouldn’t eat together, and that’s when Ben sent out an email calling out a mandatory quarantine for 80% of our department. Heather and I are the only two that remain, and I think I know how that works out by now.

We continued on to Cici’s by ourselves, then went to the shop to pick up a bunch of Chromebook chargers that needed to be delivered to the elementary schools. Ben and Melinda were still there, but not for long. We made a big loop around town, from Sequoyah to Dwight, then on to London and Center Valley. We came back into town and got Crawford and Oakland before going back to the high school. I wrapped up a few quick work orders, and then we left.

Before we went home, we stopped by The UPS Store to pick up our chicken boxes. Then we stopped at my house for Autumn’s band stuff before taking the chicken boxes up to my office. I dropped her off at practice and came back to watch a couple episodes of Jessica Jones with Eaddie. Then I picked Autumn up again, and took both of the girls to their house for the night.

I tried to spend a little time there, but then wanted to get back to Split. He seems a lot better with the company, though he’s still barely eating anything. I don’t really know when enough is enough, but now at least I have the weekend.

Maybe if they had watched more Fox News, they wouldn’t have gotten the coronavirus.

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